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About Us

Hello and welcome to the ATO life website! My name is Abi and I have created this site to tell you a little bit about me and how I can guide you to better health and well-being.


I am a Chartered Physiotherapist by background. I always wanted to pursue a career in helping people in a therapeutic way, in a healthcare setting. That, matched with my love of sport and exercise led me to Sports Therapy initially. Throughout these studies, I was lucky enough to gain experience working with some of the country’s best track and field athletes leading up to the London 2012 Olympics. This, combined with some pitch-side first aid with local rugby/football clubs and clinical work in central London kept me busy. After practising as a Sports Therapist for a few years, I was keen to continue formal study and learn how to help people from a broader perspective. This is when I decided to embark on a post-graduate degree – an MSc in Physiotherapy. Throughout this time, I gained more clinical experience in The National Health Service (NHS), paediatrics, neurology, orthopaedics and hydrotherapy to name a few. I felt that this gave me a more medical grounding and the concept of holistic care really started to resonate.


Since graduating as a Physiotherapist in 2015, I have worked in the NHS, private practice and have also managed a small private client caseload alongside this. In order to continue to develop my knowledge up until now, I have enrolled onto further courses from Pilates to Mindfulness and I am currently training to be a Yoga teacher. This has been complimented with experience shadowing orthopaedic consultants, sports physicians and other allied health and fitness professionals. All in aid of continuing my professional development and to keep an open mind to a wide range of approaches.


Over time, my experience and developing expertise has guided me to take a holistic but individualised approach to people’s health and well-being. Most people have sought my services for specific injury rehabilitation, and I have always found that a holistic and patient-centred approach has rendered the best outcomes. I wanted to formally develop a service whereby I could offer my skills, expertise and all-encompassing approach to guide individuals to better health and well-being. That’s when ATO life was born.


What does ATO life stand for, I hear you say?

‘Ato’ is the number ‘three’ in the Igbo language which is my Father’s native Nigerian Language. The number three is significant, as to me, it symbolises the three main pillars of health – physical, psychological and social. ATO life aims to help you strive for optimal health and well-being through helpful lifestyle habits and choices within these three domains.

I invite you to browse this website to better understand my lifestyle medicine approach and see what services I can offer you. Please also feel free to follow me on social media, keep an eye out for my blogs and get in touch.