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How to boost your life satisfaction

Posted on February 27 2023, By: Abi Onuoha

Why do I exercise? I often wonder why I keep going back to physically (and mentally!) demanding things when they are so damn hard. I would rather sit on my arse and watch TV, any day. Then I remembered that ever since I have got into a more consistent exercise regime, my life satisfaction has drastically improved.

But Why?
A recent study by Rodrigues et al (2020), examined the relationship between regular physical activity with life satisfaction, self-esteem and vitality. Results showed that exercise frequency was significantly and positively related with positive affects on behavioural and psychological outcomes such as life satisfaction, self-esteem, subjective vitality and perceived wellbeing.

These effects can be amplified by participating in regular physical activity whereby one experiences feelings of pleasure, excitement and enthusiasm i.e. choosing an activity that enjoyable over ones that conjure up feeling of embarrassment or shame. What's more, physical activity builds energy, and when we dedicate this to ourselves, we feel alive and vital!

So What?

Physical Activity literally supercharges your life satisfaction and wellbeing. 
There are plethora of ways levelling up your exercise regime, it does not only involve going to the gym! Physical Activity does not require too much time, nor money and it can built into one's lifestyle. However, it should be regular and when it comes to motivating oneself to get going, there is nothing better than to just do it. Whatever you decide to do, ensure that it is something that you enjoy.


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Best wishes and motivation,
Abi (Founder of ATO life.)


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