Home visits available in NW London/SE Hertfordshire.

Clinic appointments available at Sópers House, Cuffley.

T: 07515417892 | E: abi@atolife.co.uk

Therapeutic Exercise

ATO life’s objective is to help you move and exercise in an enjoyable way, that will improve your health and accommodate any injury or long term condition. I incorporate Physiotherapeutic skills aswell as Yoga, Pilates and Strength and Conditioning principles, to create a bespoke exercise programme tailored just for you. Sessions are available on a 1-2-1, 1-2-2 or small group basis (in person or online).

"I was referred to Abi following surgery on a broken shoulder. I have always enjoyed my yoga practice and so was anxious to be able to return to my preferred way of exercising as soon as I could. However I was still anxious that I did this in a mindful way, not wanting to exacerbate my injury or delay my healing.

Abi's sensitive, thoughtful and clearly knowledgeable approach was so on point. She listened to my concerns, took time to engage with other professionals involved in my care and created a personal programme of 1-2-1 yoga sessions.

In the space of 8 weeks I progressed from only being able to maintain Child's pose with the aid of props to being able to do full Down Dog and Side Planks!

I am so grateful to Abi for her wonderful skill and care and aiding my recovery in such an engaging and enjoyable way. I couldn't recommend her more highly."

- S. Dawson


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