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    Introducing you to The Sliding Discs (a pair).


    Compliment your current exercise regime or complete a full workout with this cool piece of kit. The discs are moulded with friction-free foam on one side to create an unstable surface to use underneath your feet or hands when exercising. This can enhance a workout by making it more challenging but also fun at the same time!

    Slide them into any movement routine and get creative in Yoga, Pilates, Calisthenics, Strength & Conditioning, balance/proprioceptive work.


    Sliding Discs Specifications: 

    Materials: High density foam and ABS

    Dimensions: Diameter 17.8cm, thickness 9mm

    Colour: Black with white coloured logo
    Care instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth soaked in warm water. 

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The Cork Collection

Made from naturally antibacterial
cork wood from the Mediterranean
Cork Oak tree.

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