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Exercise & Movement

ATO life. can help you determine the barriers that are holding you back from achieving your target physical activity levels. We will lead you to a sustainable physical activity routine, provide you with exercise ideas/advice and help you discover exercise methods that you enjoy and that fit into your lifestyle.



Exercise is associated with movements that require some level of physical effort that is implemented with purpose. The benefits of exercise are far reaching and well-documented, not only for physical but for psychological health. Individuals who exercise have a 25-30% reduction in the risk of developing heart disease and stroke compared to sedentary individuals. What’s more, exercise can decrease our chance of developing Type II Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Cancer and some psychological conditions such as depression.  Exercise can help reduce pain, enhance our mind-body connection, our overall well-being and improve our sleep quality. Recent reports produced by the UK government in 2018, showed that 66% of adults and just 18% of children were achieving the recommended daily physical activity levels. This needs to change.


Our team is available for consultations and interventions in the comfort of your own home (in-person and online). For a commitment-free chat about how and why we can help you, please get in touch on or call us on 020 7101 5052