Home visits available in NW London/SE Hertfordshire.

Clinic appointments available at Sópers House, Cuffley.

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Available packages

Building a Foundation

Designed for beginners or those looking to establish a solid foundation in their fitness journey. It includes personalised training sessions utilising VALD equipment to assess and improve foundational movement patterns, strength and stability.

Performance Enhancement

Ideal for athletes or fitness enthusiasts looking to optimise their performance in specific sports or activities. It utilises VALD technology to assess and target key performance metrics.

Injury Rehab & Prevention

Tailored for individuals recovering from injuries or those looking to prevent them. It focuses on targeted rehabilitation exercises and proactive injury prevention strategies using VALD technology.

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If you are seeking the right support to aid in injury recovery, event preparation, or athletic performance enhancement, the team is available a commitment-free chat about how and why we can help you. Please get in touch below or call us on (+44) 07515 417 892.
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