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    Introducing you to The Bands (set of 3)

    The Bands are made from a polyester, cotton and rubber blend (PVC-free). This blend ensures their strength, durability and non-slip quality. They won't slide or roll up whilst you use them to isolate and strengthen your target muscle. The bands can provide a convenient resistance to enhance your home or gym workout. Use them anytime, anywhere!


    Band Specifications: 

    Materials: Polyester, cotton and rubber blend (PVC-free)

    Resistance of bands-

    Light (light grey) 60lbs

    Medium (dark grey) 90lbs

    Heavy (black) 120lbs

    Dimensions of bands-

    Light (light grey) 32cm x 8cm

    Medium (dark grey) 37cm x 8cm

    Heavy (black) 42cm x 8cm

    Care Instructions: Hands wash with lukewarm soapy water and air dry only. Do not machine wash, bleach or dry clean. 

The Cork Collection

Made from naturally antibacterial
cork wood from the Mediterranean
Cork Oak tree.

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