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The Tote Bag

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    Introducing you to The Tote Bag.


    This superbly practical bag is a great alternative to plastic carrier bags and can be used for all occasions. Strong enough to carry heavier items but lightweight enough to fold up compactly. Sling it over your shoulder to carry your food shopping, books or take to the gym carrying your very own ATO life. accessories!


    Bag Specifications:

    Materials: 100% Cotton (200gsm - 8oz)

    Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm

    Colour: Black with ivory coloured logo.


    Care instructions: Spot clean only with a soft brush and lukewarm soap water. Machine wash cold, air dry only and iron inside-out. Do not bleach or dry clean. 

The Cork Collection

Made from naturally antibacterial
cork wood from the Mediterranean
Cork Oak tree.

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